Electronic fiscalization in Serbia is here, and Octopos will support it. All existing Octopos clients will be able to meet requirements with NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Electronic system for receipts (ESIR in Srbian)

Octopos is preparing updates to meet new requirements regarding electronic fiscalization. We expect to be certified early 2022. For all of our clients this will not be a big change since all user experience will remain the same. The only change will be to replace fiscal printers with thermal receipt printers which most of our customers already has.

We have been officially registered by Serbian Tax Administration..

Registration number is 000-092-00-00248/2022-0000 21.03.2022. Call for more details.

Local Fiscal Receipt Processor (LPFR in Serbian)

Octopos LPFR is software component which is already certified to sign receipts and it’s FREE for all existing customers.

We can offer this software to all other ESIR manufacturers.

We have been officially registered by Serbian Tax Administration.

Registration number is 000-092-00-00392/2021-0000 08.12.2021. Call for more details.