One of the most important characteristic of the Octopos system is modularity. The system consists of numerous modules that can be configured in according with your wishes. Whether you have a cafe, restaurant, night club, fast food or retail Octopos will be configured exactly as it suits you.

Cash register

Moduli - kasaThe basic module is the cash register used for typing bills. This module is adapted to work with all fiscal cash registers and printers on the market. The touch screen interface makes cash register easier for work. The appearance of the screen itself can be adjustable in terms of colors, button size, item layout and groups as well as the available options on the screen. Depending on the needs cashier modules are available for loyalty and / or delivery.

With a simple configuration, it is possible to add multiple types of discounts that are approved by reading the loyalty card. For delivery I offer you complete solution with customer base, phones and addresses. It is possible to taking orders from a central location and placing them on delivery locations. For more details see the cashier picture gallery at this link.

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Moduli - porudžbine

The ordering module is tailored to work in large-scale outlets work. Within this module, they are currently displayed on the screen orders that waiters place through another computer / phone / tablet. The layout and functionality can also be customized on this module. You can select the number of orders on the screen, sound notification for the received order, print the order block, etc. For more details see the Orders image gallery at this link.


Moduli - android

The Android module is adapted for the efficient and fast operation of waiters. Allows them to order via Android phone or tablet directly from tables and making them more efficient. This way they will be more dedicated to the guests. By tapping an order from your phone or tablet, it is forwarded to configured computer to receive orders. It is possible to order display on the screen or print the order block. For more details see the Android  image gallery at this link.


Moduli - administracijaAdministration is the module for managing the complete Octopos system. In this module you have the options for entering products, groups, category, user definition and access rights, complete merchandise- material and financial operations and various types of reports. Administration modules can be installed on an unlimited number of computers. If you have a fixed IP address you will be able to use administration from anywhere you have internet connection. For more details see the Administration  image gallery at this link.

Control over the telephone

Moduli - kontrola preko telefonaTelephone control is designed for owners to quickly and from any place have an insight into their business. This module can be used from any device through a web browser and does not require no installation on the device. You can also use the app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac devices as well. You have options to view markets, invoices, items issued, stock, etc. For more details see the gallery Control over the telephone  at this link.