With  Android app it’s possible to order via WIFI connection. On that way waiters have more time to dedicate themselves to the guests. Sending an order is currently and each order can be printed or displayed on the screen. By using this kind of work, the ordering process is significantly accelerating and order preparation and reduces unnecessary communication between waiter and bartender. For each order entry, you can add a note if necessary.
A user on your phone or tablet has options for creating an order, overview, billing, splitting, choosing your computer for ordering, selecting a fiscal printer for billing, etc.

Tablet or telephone – choose by yourself

The application is custom-made for all Android devices. Depending on the screen size and resolution of the screens, it will be customized to make the users easier to work with. In Android app, you have all the options available at the cash register such as: typing orders, billing, choosing payment method, entering notes for account entries, discount selection, etc.