External System Integration

Octopos follows latest industry trends and constantly upgrading. One of most important directions is integration with various external systems. We try to integrate with many systems and this is something for which we are unique in market.

Client can choose following systems:




Best and most used e-commerce platform is now fully integrated with Octopos. Create your own web shop and we will configure WooCommerce to send orders to Octopos within 10 minutes. This integration support product variations, discounts, delivery and other WooCommerce features.

You can choose whether the order should be sent to Octopos right after creation, or after reaching some specific status. Creating integrated web shop was never so easy!


Wolt delivery is now fully integrated with Octopos. Once when you confirm order in Wolt it will be automatically sent to Octopos. Order will be printed, table will be marked and Wolt order code will be displayed.

With this integration you will reduce errors and speed up whole process. You can now focus on preparing delivery and not taking orders which someone else already did.


Best with the best. Glovo is now fully integrated with Octopos and you can automatically receive all orders directly to POS.

Features included in this integration are menu updates, prices, variations, discounts, etc…

When order is received you can see delivery and pickup information, as well as details that customer can enter while creating order.


Tookan delivery system is powerful tool which enables you organize delivery on high level. Tookan is now integrated with Octopos so you will enter order details in only one system.

By using this system you will have drivers application, route planning, auto assignment, order tracking and so on.

Once when you enter new order in Octopos it will be automatically sent in Tookan. If you change or revoke order this information will be synced in real time.

My Electronic Invoice



Following latest legal solutions all invoices needs to be sent as electronic documents. Octopos offers integration with this platform which enables you to meet all legal requirements.

With just one click in Octopos your invoice will be delivered to client through this platform.