Create Order

Creates new order in Octopos system. Order expects payload with list of products from get products call.

Method: POST

Path: /weborder

Sample request

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Payload details

Field Data type Mandatory Description
TableName string No Table name from method get all tables
CompanyTaxNumber string No Tax number of customer for which order is being created
Items array Yes List of order items
Items/ProductId number Yes Product Id from get products
Items/Quantity number Yes >0 Order quantity. Must be greater than 0.
Items/Price number Yes Product price from get products. Price can be one of happy hour prices if there is happy hour definition for product.
Items/Info string No Additional description for order item.
Items/Modifiers array No If product has modifiers.
Items/Modifiers/ProductId number Yes Product Id from get products. Only Id from modifier list of order item product is accepted here.
Items/Modifiers/Quantity number Yes Sum of quantity for one order item must be >= product.ModifierMinCount and <= product.ModifierMaxCount.
Items/Modifiers/Price number No If modifier has price.
Payments array No Mandoatory if TableName is empty. Hold a list of payment types to close receipt.
Payments/PaymentTypeId number Yes 2=Cash, 3=CreditCard, 4=Invoice
Payments/Amount number Yes Amount paid. Sum of all payment amounts must be the same as amount of all order items including modifier prices.

Sample response

Response returns orderId. After success you can call method get order to get order details.

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